Mobjack Kayaking, LLC
Mobjack Kayaking, LLC

Instructor is a BCU3* Certified Paddler and ACA Certified Instructor.

All lessons are $50.00/ person for 2 hours of instruction. Kayaks are available for lessons for $10.00

Private/Individual lessons are $60.00/ 2 hours

Call us at 757-645-6251 to sign up for a class

We offer the following classes:

Intro to Kayaking for Beginners - This class will teach you all of the basics from entering and exiting your kayak. Basic maneuvering stokes. Wet Exit. Individual re-entry and assisted re-entry. We will also have a brief discussion on how to pick the right kayak for you and basic equipment.

Stroke Refinement - This is a class for anyone wanting to refine their paddling strokes. Knowing how to apply your blade makes a difference in the energy you use while paddling, you will go further and faster with minimum effort. These skills will also protect your shoulders, wrists and elbows!

Rescue Class - In this class you will learn basic wet exit, individual re-entry and assisted re-entry. There are a lot of ways to get back into your kayak depending on what circumstances you find yourself in. We will cover several of these. When you leave this class you will feel more confident on the water because you will have the skill to get yourself back into your kayak or to assist someone else.

Advanced Rescues: This class will focus on perfecting your current rescue skills as well as teaching several new rescue techniques such as re-enter and roll, Hand of God, Bow Rescue, and towing.


Coming in summer 2017 - Kid's Kayak Camp!  stay tuned for more information.

We also offer individual lessons during the week so if you would like to schedule a lesson for a date not scheduled above give us a call!

24 hour cancellation policy except for incliment conditions (heavy rain, lightening, heavy wind) which will result in cancellation by Mobjack Kayaking

Please be advised that there is a 4% processing fee for credit card payments.

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